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My Favorite Myth About Rolfing

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

I took my daughter to see Taylor Swift perform her REPUTATION tour and it was amazing. I really was impressed with the whole show as well as Taylors message about self reflection and when your outside image doesn't match how you feel inside. Not only do I now have a mash up of Taylor Swift songs constantly going through my head but it's got me thinking about reputations of all kinds, including my own.

I've been doing bodywork for a very long time, almost 25 years. It feels like I've lived lifetimes within that time. One thing that's remained constant are the negative rumors I hear about Rolfing. It has a reputation for being a scary, ultra hard core kind of massage that makes people cry. For many years I struggled with how to respond to the negativity. In fact it got me so down that for a few years I would tell people I was a massage therapist so that I didn't have to hear it or explain myself. As I've become more seasoned as a practitioner and more confidant in myself, it doesn't bother me anymore. I've heard many things about Rolfing that don't match how I feel about it and how I present it to my clients but I do have one favorite.

You ready?

"Isn't that the kind of massage that rips your muscles off your bones?"

Rolfing deeply stretches and lengthens bound up connective tissue but it does not rip or tear muscles or tendons from bones. Rolfing can be intense at times but it's usually a relief to finally let go of the tightness you've been holding onto for years. Even those old reputations you've outgrown that are no longer serving you, you can let go of those too.

Rolfing is a unique method of bodywork that has and will continue to be life changing for many people. There's nothing to be afraid of, I promise.

See you soon. Lots of Love, Amanda

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