Center for Integrative
Healing Arts

Dedicated to supporting you on your path to wellness through therapeutic bodywork and alternative methods of healing.

Why Chose Center for Integrative Healing Arts?

Stress Reduction

Rolfing and Cranial Sacral Therapy allow for deep relaxation of the nervous system.

Improve Your Well-Being

Rolfing will re-establish joint mobility,  

structural alignment, coordination, posture and self awareness. All allowing for improved well-being.

Assist in Injury Recovery

 Rolfing and Cranial Sacral Therapy can assist in injury recovery by reducing pain, stiffness and inflammation.

Trauma Recovery and PTSD 

Cranial Sacral is an effective therapy to assist with traumatic head injury, anxiety, depression, insomnia and hypervigilance. 

Free yourself from years of discomfort and manage on going chronic pain.

We're Dedicated to Our Craft.

We love what we do and we're always continuing our education in order to provide you with the best possible service. 

Pain Relief
Zen Stones

Meet Amanda

Certified Advanced Rolfer

I am an experienced, intuitive and heart centered practitioner. I believe that Rolfing deeply affects us physically as well as emotionally, spiritually and energetically. The process changes the way we relate to and move through the world around us. My years of experience allow me to create space for you to release and unwind the years of pain, trauma and habitual patterns that are no longer serving you. My professional career began in 1994 at the Atlanta School of Massage. I was accepted into the Rolf Institute for Basic Certification in 1998 and received my Advanced Certification in 2013. In April 2017 I received my Cranial Manipulation certification from Jim Asher and the Colorado Cranial Institute. My interest in this work lies in its benefits for trauma, head trauma, PTSD and its ability to create deep relaxation in the nervous system.

I am truly looking forward to hearing from you. I would love to hear about you and your interest in Rolfing.





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